Watercolor painting

My dream art vacation!

Where am I going....Madeline Island School of the Arts! I think this is as big as it gets in the United States!  I am leaving this week for a dream art vacation. I am going to the Madeline Island School of Arts, located on Madeline Island on Lake Superior.  Please check out their website: http://www.madelineartschool.com/,  I am so excited to go on vacation...its been three years plus and I very much need some down time.

What are the “must haves” in Watercolor supplies?

I’ve been painting in watercolors nearly 20 years now and I continue to experiment with various products. Yet, I do have some absolute staples that are always in my art supplies. My students, at Joyful Arts Studio, often ask me, ‘What are the “must haves” in watercolor supplies?” My first and foremost must have is Arches Cold Press 140 pound watercolor paper. Arches have been making paper since 1492 and they’ve got it down. I’ve had many students come to me with other papers but ultimately after one time painting on Arches switch and never return to other papers.


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