Shalom Christian Academy Forest Mural

Well we did it! By no means was it a small feat but we both feel a real sense of rewardment. Kristin and I, the Shalom Christian Academy staff and administration are quite pleased with our end results! This mural was painted in one of the Kindergarten classroom. We hope the children enjoy the mural.
Kristin and I are very different from one another and we really didn't know each other very well when she asked me to help her. Kristin is a perfectionist and wants all the answers before we start. I on the other hand gave up striving for perfectionism a long time ago. I like to go with the flow and see where we go, not necessarily do I need a detailed plan. Kristin needs a plan.  We were patient with each other and worked very well together, we made a great team!
I hope you enjoy looking at the photos during our process. Kristin Taylor and I worked approximately 55-60 hours to complete both murals. Thank you Kristin for asking me to help! Also, don't think you aren't a painter, now you are a painter and a potter!